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Name an interest and chances are there’s an app for it, so why not for sustainability? With today’s smartphone technology, you have the power to reduce your carbon footprint and travel greener than ever before! Here are 3 of the best mobile apps to support your next eco-friendly adventure:

1. Locavore
Wondering if avocado is in season yet? The Locavore app makes it easy to tune in to the food cycle. It tells users what’s in season in their location, helps track down the nearest sustainable farmers’ market, and provides links to social media sites where locals can share their best foodie finds. Free in iTunes or Google Play stores.

2. Zero Carbon
For individuals in search of an actual carbon footprint calculator, Zero Carbon is an excellent option. Answer some questions related to your daily habits to discover your carbon dioxide output. Once you know the amount of greenhouse gases your lifestyle is producing, Zero Carbon will offer tips for how to reduce that number. Free in iTunes store.

3. Commute Greener
Commute Greener helps you to change your daily commuting routine to be more environmentally sustainable. Simply enter your usual commuting pattern and let the app guide you in setting personal CO2 footprint reduction goals. The app keeps you motivated to accomplish your goals of going green by allowing you to collect badges and rewards while competing with friends.

3 Great Apps For Going Green On The Road

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  1. I’m a fan of the sustainability consent. I really like this list of apps. I’ll definitely check all 3 apps from the list. Thanks for sharing.

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