5 Charming European Cities Worthy of a Day Trip

Szczecin, Poland

This port city really needs to be included on your to-do list for this spring. Connecting Poland to Germany, the streets of Szczecin brings tourists back to the Medieval Era. Moreover, the city is very price appealing, and filled with activities and different local events that will enhance your perception of Poland. Prepare for a taste of one of the most beautiful areas of Poland, while experiencing its unique cuisine, local beer and vodka.

Pula, Croatia

Croatia started to stand out this year thanks to its unique destinations. One of the most appealing is Pula – especially in the summertime – and be sure to get there by ferry, as the Adriatic Sea offers the best passage into the city. Here, visitors will delight in traditional Croatian restaurants, explore famous attractions like the Pula Arena, Temple of Augustus, and Triumphal Arch, or simply stroll along the city’s many waterfront paths.

Ghent, Belgium

Characterized as a young and fresh city, due to its many universities, Ghent is a wonderful destination to experience Belgian culture (check out the Museum of Fine Arts), as well as a taste of student life in the many pubs, bars, and nightlife. Ghent is also home to the world’s first floating hotel – The Boatel!

Biarritz, France

Enjoy a summer filled with French glamour in Biarritz, France. Located on the Bay of Biscay, this town has an incredible surfing culture, along with a nightlife scene that can only be described as memorable! The local cuisine is outstanding, and can be found via white glove service in high end restaurants, or from the Beach Garden, where you can grab fast eats and not miss a minute of beach time!

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

While it might be the smallest European capital, Luxembourg City is anything but short on creating unforgettable memories. Visit the old city and its series of tunnels, which transport tourists into a bygone world. Back in present day, visitors to the “Gibraltar of the North,” as Luxembourg is known, can enjoy great local beers and traditional cuisine.

5 Charming European Cities Worthy of a Day Trip

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