5 Great Places to See Roman Ruins (Outside Italy)

Merida, Spain: Located within a day’s trip from Madrid, Merida is the site of a Roman aqueduct, bridge, amphitheater, and other structures. During the summer months, the UNESCO World Heritage Site brings the Roman theater back to life with concerts, plays, and galas.

Pula, Croatia: Though much smaller than Rome’s Colosseum, Pula’s Roman Arena on the Istria Peninsula is remarkable. Having been a part of the Roman, Venetian, Austrian, and Italian Empires, the area is a fantastic mix of culture.

Caesarea, Israel: Halfway between Haifa and Tel Aviv is the ancient Roman city of Caesarea, founded in 90 BC. With a wealth of history and archaeological ruins, the city’s aqueduct, hippodrome, and theater are an absolute must-see.

Arles, France: Long one of Van Gogh’s favorite backdrops, the UNESCO World Heritage City of Arles is one of the best preserved Roman ruins in France. The city’s amphitheater, located on the Rhone River in Provence, is still used for performances today.

Trier, Germany: Today, the Porta Nigra is considered the largest Roman city-gate north of the Alps. Named in the Middle Ages for its darkened stone color, the gate has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

5 Great Places to See Roman Ruins (Outside Italy)

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