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The Northern Lights
The Alaskan skies provide breathtaking views of the Northern Lights when nights return  to  darkness in the fall.  Viewing the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, during the fall is an ideal experience since it is much warmer (relatively speaking) than it is in the frigid winter months. Head over to Fairbanks or Anchorage to get the most surreal Northern Lights experience.

Changing leaves is the typical treasure that autumn brings. Since Alaska is colder than most other states, the leaves start changing very early in the season.  Trees turn all shades of fall colors- yellow, orange and red.  With an endless amount of hiking trails, you can see the colorful leaves up close, with a snowy mountain in the background.  Denali National Park is an ideal venue to see Alaska’s beautifu colors during the fall.

Extended Sunrise and Sunset
Alaska is known for its days of extreme sunlight and extreme darkness. Autumn, however, provides Alaskans with the perfect in-between, and the welcomed return of sunrises and sunsets. The sun does not reach a peak height in the sky, given Alaska’s latitude, but it does provide beautifully lit skies throughout the day and into the evening. Besides providing great photo-ops, sunrises and sunsets allow people to achieve one very important goal – a good night’s sleep!

Avoid the Crowds
Most people visit Alaska during summer and the winter.  Once the calendar turns to fall, the tourist crowds thin out and the towns to revert to their true selves. Since there is not a high demand to visit Alaska during the fall, flights and accommodations are less expensive, making it a true steal.

During the fall, animals like moose, caribou and bear can be seen all over Alaska preparing for the long and glacial winter. Comparatively speaking, it is warm in the fall, which provides the perfect time to go whale-watching or salmon fishing.

5 Reasons To Visit Alaska This Fall

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