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Eltz Castle: Originally built in the 15th century to accommodate three noble families, Eltz Castle still remains in the possession of one of the original households. Having miraculously suffered very little damage throughout the years, Eltz Castle looks essentially the same as when it was first built.

Sababurg: With an outer façade covered in ivy, Sababurg looks like it belongs in a fairytale. Luckily for travelers, the beautiful grounds now serve as a hotel and open-air theater venue, within walking distance of Tierpark, Europe’s oldest wildlife park.

Schwerin Castle: Built on an island in the middle of Lake Schwerin, Schwerin Castle is completely surrounded by water with a single bridge connecting it to the mainland. The glorious castle now houses the State Parliament, a concert venue, and a museum.

Neuschwanstein Castle: Commissioned by King Ludwig II in the mid-1800s, Neuschwanstein was designed to represent a medieval fairytale castle. The remarkable building, complete with an artificial indoor cave, sits on a cliff in the Bavarian Alps.

Hohenzollern: Arguably Germany’s most visited and picturesque castle, Hohenzollern sits prominently atop a hill surrounded by forest, offering spectacular views. Hohenzollern has been rebuilt three times over the last eight centuries, with the most recent iteration courtesy of King Frederick Williams IV of Prussia.

5 Stunning German Castles

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