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American Airlines will broaden its seating categories with the introduction of Premium Economy seats as a separate class of service in April 2017.

The Premium Cabin category has existed in various forms since the early 1990s, when it was first added by Taipei-based EVA Air and British carrier Virgin Atlantic. The evolution of the category has mainly focused on providing extra legroom, until now.

Those who choose to book Premium Economy with American Airlines will enjoy an adjustable leather seat with plenty of legroom, extra width, and additional recline. The airline will also introduce “soft product” perks to the premium economy experience. Better meals, free alcohol, amenity kits, a free checked bag, and noise-reducing headphones are among the additional features premium economy fliers can expect on long-haul flights. Long-term pricing for the new cabin option is not yet clear. For now, American is selling the seats as a “Main Cabin Extra,” a name given to the airline’s standard extra legroom offering in economy.

AA Unveils New Premium Economy Seating

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