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Americans are redefining their travel bucket lists not by where they want to go, but what they want to eat.  Reservation Company, OpenTable, recently reported that two-thirds of Americans select a travel destination based solely on its culinary offerings. Of those surveyed, 52% have already traveled to the country of origin of their favorite cuisine, and 58% significantly associate a destination’s culture with its culinary scene and dining customs.

Paris was ranked as the number 1 dream dining destination, followed by Florence, Barcelona, New Orleans, New York City, Tokyo, Bangkok, San Francisco, Madrid, and Chicago. Foodies aren’t just traveling to these destinations with amateur appetites; 90% of those surveyed also said they feel more inclined to make adventurous ordering decisions when on a leisure vacation. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, pick your favorite mouth-watering cuisine, and head to that destination to taste its authentic, local flavors.

Americans Will Fly for Food

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