Amsterdam Airport Shoe Scanner

Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam is once again breaking away from the pack when it comes to innovative security screening measures. Just last fall, the airport began testing a new scanner which, if tested successfully, would eliminate the need for passengers to remove liquids and gels from their luggage by taking a 3D picture of the luggage, allowing security officers to virtually inspect the bag from all angles. If successful, all that would remain from the old way of doing things would be that passengers would still be required to put their liquids and gels in a clear and sealed plastic bag.

Now the airport is turning its attention to passengers’ feet! Two Dutch companies have combined forces to develop the Delta R Shoe Scanner. INTOS, an interior specialist from The Netherlands and Stage Gate 11, a tech start-up headquartered at AMS airport, has developed a device that sends a burst of UV rays at passengers’ feet to detect traces of drugs, explosives or other prohibited contraband. Since UV rays bounce back, the device compares the “clean” beam sent toward the object with the return beam.  Since different substances produce different patterns in the return beam of UV light, it is possible to screen and clear passengers without the need for them to remove their footwear.

The device’s creators point out that the Delta R technology can easily be applied to screening parcels as well.

Because the Delta R Shoe Scanner is still in the testing phase, it is unclear when the scanners will be introduced at security checkpoints.

Amsterdam Airport Shoe Scanner

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