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Though smartphone cameras continue to increase in quality, you may want to consider bringing an alternative camera on your next vacation. Smartphone cameras are great for videos and capturing moments as they happen, but some destinations may be captured better via an old school or standard camera. For moments including firework displays, whale watching, safaris, snorkeling, stargazing, and even cruising, real cameras can capture elements beyond the scope of what a smartphone can, including the distinct lighting and essence of these destinations. Not only will the photos taken on these cameras be of a higher quality and resolution, but they’ll better capture travel memories that can be stored and shared for a lifetime.

  1. Fujifilm X-T2, from $1,599
    This Fujifilm is a weather sealed, mirrorless camera that can capture extremely clear photos, rain or shine. Although this camera is on the larger side, it can be perfect to capture detailed landscapes that’ll take your breath away, even once you return home.
  2. GoPro Hero 5, from $399
    Don’t judge the size of this camera by what it is capable of. The GoPro Hero 5 may be small, but they take amazing videos and pictures in action filled moments like skiing, hiking, parasailing and much more.  It is also waterproof which is great for underwater pictures and videos during your next tropical getaway!
  3. Leica Q, from $4,250.00
    Despite the heavy price of this camera, it is an extremely high-quality compact camera that takes amazing photos and is not a hassle to carry around. The Leica Q is a great compact camera, so whether you’re taking photos of skyscrapers in the big city or capturing the delicious gelato you’re about to eat, this camera is perfect for all travel photography.
  4. Sony WX220, FROM $199.99
    This thin compact camera is perfect for anyone who does not want to spend too much money but still wants clear pictures of their traveling destinations.  The Sony WX220 is the perfect step-up from your smartphone that can easily fit in your pocket as you wander through unknown territory.

Bring Your Real Camera to These Travel Photo Ops


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