First European Hyperloop Begins Construction in France

A revolution in transportation has begun in Europe, as construction starts on the continent’s first Hyperloop track thanks to the Canadian company TransPod. The firm has set up its testing facility in a village deep in the French countryside and is looking to make ground breaking history in more ways than one.

The Hyperloop promises to propel passengers through near-vacuum tubes in small pods, traveling at speeds of up to 670 mph. This technology uses super-powered magnets to levitate the carrier pods and could cut the time taken to travel between major cities by several hours.

The current record for high-speed TGV trains (375 mph) stands to be shattered in the tiny commune of Droux, about 50 km from Limoges in central France. Last week, the company applied for planning permission, which it expects to be granted this year.

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First European Hyperloop Begins Construction in France

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