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Provincetown, MA
Located on the northernmost tip of Cape Cod, Provincetown is a great escape during the month of July. With soft breezes and over 30 miles of beaches, this resort town will surely provide a much-needed summer escape.

Tuscany, Italy
July is peak season in Tuscany. The warmer temperatures are ideal for relaxing by the pool and exploring the history and culture that the city offers, ensuring an excellent choice for a European summer vacation.

Tokyo, Japan
While there is no bad time to visit Tokyo, July, one of the city’s slowest months, is an ideal time to visit if you are looking to bypass the crowds. With a plethora of exciting restaurants, cocktail bars, and entertainment options, visiting Tokyo is the perfect summer adventure.

Seattle, Washington
Seattle is home to some of America’s most coveted attractions. This eclectic city will keep you busy visiting places like The Space Needle and Pikes Place. Avid restaurants throughout town make Seattle a great contemporary, family friendly place to try this summer.

With crystal, blue water and an abundance of beaches, Barbados is the perfect tropical getaway. During the summer months, Barbados is home to many Caribbean festivals and events that will surely create a memorable experience.

Five Places to Travel This July

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