When implementing a new travel management program, it’s crucial to select a travel management company that will build a portfolio of services specific to your industry and company needs. Unlike many ‘mega agencies,’ we create a travel management program unique to each of our clients. Through a series of pre-implementation meetings, we identify the priorities and challenges of your existing travel program, while providing potential solutions and possibilities for improvement.

  • Business Travel SolutionsOpen or Close

    FROSCH brings a wealth of experience to the business traveler, servicing high level executives and “road warriors” with white glove treatment and expertise. Our dedicated corporate teams of consultants arrange complex national and international travel arrangements, while demonstrating significant savings and added value.

  • Innovative Solutions for the Legal CommunityOpen or Close

     FROSCH is familiar with the dynamic needs of our legal industry clients, who account for more than 20% of our corporate travel revenue. Our travel consultants know how important time is to lawyers – they seek out the most comfortable accommodations and routings, so travel time can be utilized as efficiently as possible. Our reporting tools help clients generate ad hoc reports online to obtain a clear perspective on travel spend and to facilitate client billing. With our in-house 24/7 service, travel plans can be created or changed at any time for seamless service.  

  • Effective Solutions for Financial FirmsOpen or Close

     As one of the largest travel management companies in the US, with co‐headquarters in New York and Houston, FROSCH has access to the best possible travel rates and services. FROSCH is familiar with the high‐end, high‐touch needs of financial institutions, capital investment firms, hedge funds, and investment banks. Dedicated to providing service excellence and unmatched cost-savings, our travel programs are created to exceed your business objectives.  

  • Energy Sector Solutions & ExpertiseOpen or Close

     Co-Headquartered in Houston, the energy capital of the world, FROSCH has managed marine and energy travel from the outset. We provide multi-national marine and crew rotation support for more than 20 of Houston’s leading Energy, Offshore and Multi-National Drilling Exploration Companies. We understand the unique needs associated with transient travel, from international reservations to the management of crew rotations for offshore companies. We are committed to providing operational excellence and extraordinary customer service for FROSCH’s energy clientele. 

  • Unique Solutions for Entertainment ClienteleOpen or Close

     FROSCH Entertainment based at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, California, with branch offices in Raleigh, North Carolina and New York City, handles the special needs of celebrity, production, entertainment, and music industry travel. Our team represents the top players in the entertainment industry, including major studios, music tours,  sports teams and top celebrities. Our focus is providing national and international travel arrangements, logistics, contract negotiations, budgeting and numerous white-glove services, while keeping privacy a priority.

  • Expansive Solutions for Retail CompaniesOpen or Close

    With leading fashion houses as our clients, FROSCH is familiar with the unique requirements of our retail industry clientele, offering customized services ranging from negotiated airfares and hotel and car rental contracts to location scouting, venue sourcing, and meeting planning services. We provide global solutions in the form of travel policy assistance, customized reporting instruments, and industry leading online booking tools, along with the extensive expertise of our travel consultants and 24/7 emergency assistance. 

The same consultative approach that we take when creating a travel program follows through the entire implementation process and your ongoing relationship with us.

Organized Implementation



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