Many ‘mega agencies’ service their clients utilizing call centers – but FROSCH takes a personal approach. We believe successful travel programs thrive on developing relationships with each traveler. Therefore, all of our travelers are assigned to a designated account manager and a dedicated team of agents.

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    At the beginning of the implementation process, an account manager is chosen as the primary contact for your account. Our team of account managers is comprised of highly skilled professionals with expertise in customer service; they report directly to Bryan Leibman, CEO and President of FROSCH. Your account manager serves as the eyes and ears of your travel program – constantly analyzing your spend, advising the travel manager on more cost-effective solutions, streamlining and overseeing all processes, monitoring customer satisfaction and keeping a finger on the pulse of the travel industry to keep travelers informed. Our account managers employ a comprehensive approach to analyzing your data and developing solutions tailored to your company’s culture and business objectives.

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    FROSCH employs some of the savviest agents in the industry; our consultants average 18 years of industry experience and FROSCH encounters virtually no turnover in staff. What does this mean? Our travel consultants are highly skilled in their professions and are able to service your travelers at a level unmatched by other Travel Management Companies (“TMC’s”). They are familiar with creating complex global itineraries, utilizing creative ticketing to ensure lowest cost airfares, and servicing the most VIP of clients. Our dedicated team configuration ensures each of our travel consultants becomes intimately aware of your goals and service expectations and enables them to establish relationships and learn the preferences of each traveler. The know-how exhibited by our trusted travel consultants directly translates into a successful travel program, as each traveler is serviced on a personal level by a true professional.

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    Your travelers will be serviced after hours by our in-house team of consultants strategically located throughout the U.S. to provide coverage at all hours of the day and night. As a FROSCH client, you will never call a third party or call center.

By constantly monitoring the details of your company’s travel trends, FROSCH’s dedicated team of agents and account managers is able to seek opportunities for savings and develop opportunities to improve efficiency in all areas of your travel program.

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