After extensive consultation and identifying the key areas of your new travel program, the implementation process begins. Before kicking it into high gear, FROSCH creates detailed implementation documents outlining each of the steps before going live. This document ties into our proprietary implementation management software that helps keep our team on track, on time and in the loop.

  • Communication between Client & FROSCHOpen or Close

    Through weekly calls and in-person meetings, FROSCH establishes a close, open relationship with each of our clients, which is only strengthened during the implementation process. Our Implementation Director oversees the entire implementation process and works closely with the assigned Account Manager.

  • Communication to Travelers & Travel BookersOpen or Close

    It is imperative that details of your FROSCH travel program are filtered down to all of the travelers and their assistants. FROSCH creates an online web portal, with all of the pertinent information to keep your travelers up to speed. During a series of training sessions conducted by your Account Manager and a FROSCH Technology Specialist, we walk you through the specifics of FROSCH’s travel planning resources and demo your online booking tool. These sessions are supplemented by a number of customized training documents.

  • Communication between FROSCH & Current Travel ProviderOpen or Close

    FROSCH aims to make the transition from your previous travel provider to FROSCH as seamless as possible. We work with your current travel provider to obtain current PNR’s, as well as copies of any supplier contracts that are in place – to continue using them or re-negotiate for a better deal. .

Communication throughout implementation—and beyond—is important to making any travel program a success. Our dedicated service structure further streamlines communication.

Dedicated Service

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