FROSCH is an industry leader in the successful implementation and adoption of multiple online booking tools. Through strong relationships with the industry’s premiere online booking tool providers, FROSCH is able to offer our clients the best tools on the market to choose from. We will recommend the most appropriate tool on the market tailored to client needs, install it, train users, and provide ongoing support and maintenance.

Each online booking tool can be customized for look and feel, pre-trip approval, and forced travel policy compliance. FROSCH can customize the online booking tool you choose, to ensure that your negotiated rates and supplier contracts with airlines and hotels are utilized with every trip booked. Systems can also be configured to place the preferred rates or options at the top of the list to encourage travelers to choose the most cost-effective option. This customization can even be taken a step further, to allow VIP staff to book higher classes of service or upgraded hotel rooms.

Of all transactions processed company-wide, over 55% are made online. FROSCH supports over 400 clients using a variety of online booking tools. Our successful online adoption rate is a direct result of our training programs and incentive solutions. The cost savings associated with touch-less bookings ensures that your travelers are not only abiding by travel policy and choosing the most cost effective solutions, but also that basic travel plans aren’t incurring a high transaction fee by using the tool.

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