In our current economy, FROSCH recognizes that meetings and events are coming under closer scrutiny by finance departments. FROSCH offers a strategic solution through our Global Conferences & Events (“GC&E”) division that allows our clients more control and rewards them deeper savings. Our meetings, events, and incentive professionals are experts in their field — offering assistance with everything from planning and budgeting to management and execution and finally, financial reconciliation. As with our travel management programs, each is designed to fit your needs. Whether you would like GCE to plan your events from A to Z or utilize only some of their services, our ‘menu’ approach to pricing will cater to all of your needs. Preview our services below:

  • Strategic Meeting Management (SMM) Consultation
    Offers analysis of the current meeting spend strategies, identifies opportunities for improvement, consolidation, maximized return on investment and leveraging meeting spend as part of your complete travel management solution with FROSCH.
  • Program Planning & Logistics
    Coordinates meetings, incentive programs, tradeshow and event requirements, objectives and budget, develops best-value solutions for destination research and evaluation, housing, food and beverage planning, multi-media production, hospitality management, DMC services, exhibit management, talent/entertainment, speakers, team building, gifts, fulfillment, shipping and VIP services.
  • Administration and Logistics
    Administers all budgetary components, serving as paymaster and providing program reconciliation with suppliers.
  • Customized Websites
    Centralizes program information within a customized website dedicated to the program branding, agenda details, attendee registration and financial collection.
  • Event Execution
    Provides a turn-key solution for pre, on-site and post management of all details and vendor management, generating excitement and maximizing the impact of the program.
  • Group Air Coordination
    Maximizes savings on group airfares through discounted fares, zone fares and additional negotiated savings.
  • Creative Branding & Marketing Communications
    Develops strong brand identity with on target results through effective marketing campaigns including; creative graphics, themes, logos, invitations, websites, promotional mailings, e-mails and more.
  • Merchandise Incentive Program
    Designs and implements merchandise incentive programs to reward and motivate employees.
  • Hotel Sourcing & Convention Housing Services
    Provides global expertise for group hotel sourcing, evaluation, contract negotiation, and attrition representation without out of pocket expense.

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