The FROSCH Group Department is a team of experienced operators trained in the handling of a wide variety of group travel and corporate meetings: domestic and international programs including spiritual missions, sports team travel, student travel, conferences, meetings and retreats. We handle the developmental responsibilities from destination research and program design to contract negotiation. Operationally, we assume responsibility for managing your enrollment, onsite event management, and post‐travel accounting. We’ll handle as much as you want or as little as you need.

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    The operators in the Group Department handle every facet of your trip from beginning to end. Months before your trip, our travel consultants begin destination research, finding the best hotel and dining options to fit your needs. We work with you to design a budget for your program and then create a customized itinerary. We handle all aspects of vendor contract negotiation, employing risk management procedures so that you avoid fees while maintaining maximum flexibility in your group travel plans.

  • Operational ServicesOpen or Close

    As the date for your trip draws near, we coordinate the enrollment and registration process, developing an organized database with traveler information that we pass on to our on-site contacts.  Our airline relationships and proprietary ticketing system guarantee the best fares and most efficient routes for groups, even when multiple departure points come into play. For lodging, you gain access to our vast purchasing power, accessing the best room blocks and amenities at thousands of hotels worldwide. Our accounting system track payments and refunds, while our easy-to-read trip documents keep each individual traveler prepared and informed.


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