Frosch Rewards & Incentives offers comprehensive incentive management services and is exclusively dedicated to the design, implementation and management of motivation and performance improvement programs. We assist our clients with motivating, inspiring and improving the behavior and production of the people who most impact their business — employees, customers, and suppliers. We are a pioneer in the development and support of cutting-edge, web-based motivational programs and innovative point-based programs.

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    Frosch Rewards & Incentives provides a portfolio of services and support to maximize our clients’ incentive and loyalty programs.

    We understand that some companies have more resources than others. Therefore, Frosch Rewards & Incentives will manage just one or all the details of a program. We believe in letting our clients decide which of the services that we offer best fit their individual resources and budgets:

    • Assessment & Design
    • Creative Services
    • Communication & Marketing
    • Administration
    • Technology Services
    • Awards Fulfillment
    • Account Management
    • Program Participant Customer Service
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    Frosch Rewards & Incentives offers standard and custom catalogs with a selection of more than a million items. Redemption choices include brand-name merchandise, books, movies, travel and popular merchant gift cards.

    We analyze the demographics of the individuals whom our clients wish to motivate, as well as the corporate culture, objectives and budget requirements, in order to create the perfect program a company’s needs.

    • Incentel™ Makes Online Incentives Solutions a Snap
      Frosch Rewards & Incentives’ online solution, Incentel™, combines the most current incentive rewards with technology intelligence. This solution allows participants to earn points for achieving goals determined by the corporate sponsor, and participants can redeem their award points for millions of reward options.
    • Creative Room Gifts for Your Meeting or Incentive Group
      Are you scratching your head wondering what you are going to leave in the attendees’ individual guest rooms as a token of appreciation from the organization sponsoring the meeting or incentive trip? Frosch Rewards & Incentives will research and recommend creative room gifts for you. We will help you select items that provide a great memento of the particular destination or reinforce the message of your meeting.
    • The Travel Reward Card
      The Travel Reward Card is a turn-key individual incentive travel award card that allows you to deliver precisely the travel reward that was promised at the cost you budgeted. It allows your recipients to redeem their card online for the travel experience of their choice so they can travel where, when and with whom they choose.
    • Wellness Rewards
      After years of working in the wellness incentive field, we have designed the perfect Reward for health programs. Our Wellness Rewards Cards take the guesswork out of selecting the best incentive to motivate your population, drive participation and guide spending toward healthy choices.


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