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For all the mega-fans of “Game of Thrones,” it’s now possible to immerse yourself completely in the show! A castle in Northern Ireland is hosting tours that recreate the best parts of the series. When guests arrive at Winterfell Castle, they will don authentic medieval garb and explore the grounds, making stops at different filming locations. While touring the property, guests may come upon extras from the show and can even take part in live re-enactments of fights from the show.

Guests can choose to embark on a cycling tour of 20 different filming locations, learn how to do archery or take a boat tour around the property and view the filming locations from water. There are also options to add on a falconry demonstration, medieval feast, an overnight glamping extension and an opportunity to meet two “direwolves,” the dogs used in the show. After their tour of Winterfell, fans receive a “Game of Thrones” passport, which can be used to collect stamps from nearby pubs, shops, and eateries that display the Stark family crest on their door.

General group tours start at about $38; those who want to experience “Game of Thrones” as in-depth as possible can opt for a private tour for $500.

Game Of Thrones Experience In Ireland

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