Blog Thumbnail - Honolulu Bans Pedestrians from Texting In Crosswalks

A new law in Honolulu, Hawaii, dubbed the “Distracted Pedestrian” makes it illegal for pedestrians to cross a street or highway while viewing a mobile electronic device including video games, laptops, and smartphones.

Fines for violators will vary. First-time offenders will get a ticket between $15-$35. After the second offense, the ticket will be $35-$75. Offenders can expect to spend as much as $99 for the third violation. Honolulu is the first major metropolis to set up a fine schedule for humans staring into their phones while walking, despite almost every state in the country having a law against texting while driving. The new law will officially go into effect on October 25, giving police enough time to explain the new rules to the public.

Honolulu Bans Pedestrians from Texting In Crosswalks

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