Blog Thumbnail - How the Rise of 360-degree Photography Is Changing the Future of Travel

Perhaps not surprisingly, 360-degree cameras are changing the landscape of how we record our travels.  Outfitted with multiple lenses to capture life in all directions, these cameras surpass the technology that made panoramic photos possible in previous generations’ cameras. At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, a new wave of 360-degree cameras were unveiled to the public, including the portable Insta360 line which clips directly to a smartphone to take social media-happy video and the Hubblo VR, a futuristic-looking six-camera juggernaut that records broadcast-quality 4K video.

This new wave of 360-degree cameras has the potential to capture events and travel and provide a highly-immersive experience. Insta360’s CEO believes that these cameras could efficiently capture life at venues ranging from sporting events to music festivals.

Furthermore, 360-degree video creates a fully-immersive viewing experience that can be easily shared. Many social media platforms already support (or have plans to adopt) the 360-format, including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Soon, recording and sharing intimate 360-degree videos of your travels could be as common as snapping a selfie with your smartphone.

How the Rise of 360-degree Photography Is Changing the Future of Travel

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