London Design Festival

From September 15th to the 23rd, the London Design Festival will feature hundreds of large-scale installations, exhibitions, and events spread across many unique venues across London, from world-famous museums to small local studios. The Victoria and Albert Museum is the hub of the festival, hosting a wide range of activities, from tours and workshops to installations and exhibitions.

A recommended venue to visit during the festival is Trafalgar Square, which will play host to a Landmark Project created by award-winning artist and designer Es Devlin titled “Please Feed the Lions.” Please Feed the Lions is an innovative, interactive sculpture that incorporates machine learning to explore the parameters of design and AI; the installation follows a year-long collaboration with Google which will create an online exhibition so that anyone with an internet connection can also view and experience the sculpture. Though Trafalgar Square is known for its four quiet stone lion statues, Devlin’s sculpture will be a fluorescent fifth lion spouting AI-inspired poetry during the festival.

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London Design Festival

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