Thumbnail - Lyft Takes On Public Transportation In San Francisco & Chicago

Commuters in San Francisco and Chicago have a temporary transportation option to try. Lyft is currently testing its new Lyft Shuttle service in these cities to see if it can rival the services of and become a competitor to the public train and bus lines.

Lyft Shuttle vehicles stop at designated areas along a specified route (just like a city bus would). The service is available during “rush hour” times (6:30-10:30 AM and 4:00-8:00 PM), but luckily, does not fall under surge pricing hours.

Lyft also has its Lyft Line product, which differs slightly from the Shuttle. Lyft Line (Lyft’s answer to UberPool) allows you to share a vehicle with other travelers going in the same direction, but that direction is chosen by the passengers. Lyft Shuttle has a predetermined route, so not only do you not control where it stops, you also have no say in which direction it goes (again, just like a city bus).

These types of services are typically 60% less than a private ride from an app-based service and could be a viable option for that in-between commuter who’d rather not ride the bus or pay for a private vehicle to or from work!

Lyft Takes On Public Transportation In San Francisco & Chicago

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