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The growing number of millennial travelers has brought about a new trend in the hotel industry – communal space. Hotels have always had a lobby, bar or restaurant, and a pool, but they also gave guests the ability to return to the peace and quiet of their room and enjoy a possibly overpriced drink or two from the in-room minibar.

Many hotel brands have done away with this concept and invested more substantially on upgrading the communal spaces of their properties. Not to say this isn’t a good thing. The industry has witnessed some incredible hotel transformations in recent years, as well as the uptick in revenue that has accompanied it. Despite the New York Times urging travelers to “Drink Up” in May, many have made it clear that the mini bar is a welcome, and sometimes, necessary amenity.

For the traveler, however, who would rather enjoy a quiet night in the comfort of a hotel suite before an early morning flight home the next day, Marriott is bringing back the mini bar. Sort of.

Marriott has introduced the Build Your Own Mini Bar package, giving guests a $20 credit to Marriott’s on-property market for each night of their stay. Guests can choose what they would like in their mini bar (provided it’s available in the market) and return each evening to a fully restocked in-room mini bar!

The Build Your Own Mini Bar package is currently available at Marriott properties in Northern California, the Rockies, and the Pacific Northwest.

Marriott Launches Build Your Own Minibar

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