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As technology advances and our world becomes more interconnected, the future of travel means meeting consumers’ increasing demands for more routes at competitive pricing. As a response to this demand, airlines are now starting to connect more US cities to far-flung destinations for lower pricing. For Americans looking to jet off to South America or Europe sometime this year, these are the new routes becoming available.


Crossing the Atlantic is becoming more cost-friendly every day. Starting this September, Norwegian Air will connect Denver and Seattle to London. They will also launch routes to Rome from Los Angeles, Oakland and Newark in November.


New York City will get new connections to South America. Starting in October, United Airlines will fly from Newark to Buenos Aires. Also in December, Delta Airlines will start service from New York’s JFK Airport to Rio de Janeiro.


Airlines are increasing their schedules to fly Americans back and forth to Mexico. Alaska Airlines will start service to Mexico City from Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego this summer. AeroMexico will also connect Mexico City to Portland and Seattle, beginning in November of this year.

New Routes Moving Airlines Forward

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