Blog Thumbnail - Ohio Airport Debuts Self Cleaning TSA Bins

Ohio’s Akron-Canton Airport is the world’s first airport to introduce nanotechnology to improve the sanitary conditions of TSA checkpoints. Special bin liners and handles, developed by NanoTouch Materials, have been installed on all bins in the TSA security area. The liners use mineral nano-crystals that react with light to cause a self-cleaning oxidation reaction, as part of the photocatalysis process. The process continuously kills harmful bacteria and is said to be more sanitary than cleaning with bleach.

The stickers used on the bins’ handles will be replaced every ninety days, while the mats can remain in place for up to a year. The new mats are being provided by nearby Western Reserve Hospital as part of the hospital’s ongoing commitment to community health and safety.

Ohio Airport Debuts Self Cleaning TSA Bins

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