Princess Launches New Youth Programs

Princess Cruise Lines has partnered with Discovery Consumer Products to license the Discovery Channel brand to its new youth centers. These new programs will be implemented fleet wide, beginning this year, in conjunction with scheduled ship renovations.  The Grand Princess is currently the only ship to offer these new options for young passengers, but the Caribbean Princess, Regal Princess, Sea Princess, and Island Princess will all offer the Discovery at Sea centers by year’s end.

The Discovery at Sea program will feature 3 age-specific centers, each with a different theme. For ages 3-7, The Treehouse will offer a forest and animal themed play area; 8-12 year olds will explore and hang out in The Lodge’s great outdoors center; and older teens (ages 13-17) will have access to a surf-themed lounge, aptly named The Beach House.

In addition to brand new, themed areas for youth passengers, the Discovery at Sea programming will be tailored to each age group, with 5 key areas of focus:  Play (indoor and outdoor gaming), Discover (MythBusters science activities and challenges led by Tory Belleci, the show’s resident daredevil host), Huddle (interaction with peers), Create (arts and crafts), and teen makeovers, dance classes and gaming competitions in the older teens’ Beach House.

There will also be opportunities for families to have fun together, in Princess’ Piazza area, with carnival-themed booths and games, trivia, family game night, and stargazing.

Princess Launches New Youth Programs

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