Blog Thumbnail - Qatar Airways Takes Binge-Watching to New Heights

Qatar Airways’ already award-winning in-flight entertainment system, Onyx One, has received a bundle of new additions to keep passengers occupied during their long-haul flights. For example, passengers heading to Doha will get the opportunity to catch up on the Hitchcock collection, The Fast & Furious collection, every single Star Wars film, and the entire movie collection from Pixar Studios. That’s a whole lot of options!

In total, Onyx One is packed with 920 hours of entertainment, including 106 television series box sets, so if passengers have been meaning to binge watch their favorite TV show, the overseas flight won’t get in their way. Qatar Airways claims that it has so much content onboard that a passenger would have to fly around the world twenty times before they could watch all of it!

Qatar Airways Takes Binge-Watching to New Heights

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