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Royal Caribbean has announced the successful completion of a multi-year shore excursion sustainability program, Save the Waves, which includes 70 verified operators that meet the international standards of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). The program has been an important part of the company’s drive to raise environmental awareness amongst its guests.

Royal Caribbean partnered with Sustainable Travel International to develop the Sustainable Tourism Education Program’s (STEP) Sustainable Shore Excursion Standard. STEP uses specific criteria to assess providers offering high quality shore excursions that also manage environmental impacts and support the local communities they operate. These excursions aim to do their part to make sure that the destinations passengers visit continue to thrive.

Royal Caribbean’s sustainable shore excursions are more than just nature tours; they encompass a broader category that includes tours that responsibly manage environmental impacts, preserve local history and cultures, protect the rights and resources of the local community, and employ properly trained employees who are committed to quality service.

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