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No removing liquids for security. No need to power up laptops for airport security personnel. Sounds too good to be true, right? But it’s reality at the Geneva Airport.

Since July 1, the airport has been testing 3D scanners to examine carry-on bags, thus eliminating the need for passengers to remove liquids or electronic items. The 3D scanners are twice as long as the traditional scanners and operate much faster. The 3D image of passenger bags allows security personnel a better view of the bag contents as it can be manipulated and turned in all different directions during the inspection process. The scanner image color codes the bag contents depending on composition and provides the size and weight of each item in the bag.

These high-tech scanners can check 225 passengers in the same time that the traditional scanners check 100-120 passengers. And this number is expected to increase! Currently, the Geneva airport is the only airport in the world to have these 3D scanners; however, hopefully with its success, other airports will follow suit!

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Swiss Airport Testing 3D Airport Scanners

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