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With alternative art on the rise, street art has transformed from graffiti to creative masterpieces that have the power to influence and represent a given part of a city. These exquisite street paintings are fun to find while traveling, and to make it a little easier, we have compiled a list of some of the best cities for street art sightings.

Los Angeles: Throughout the City of Angels, unique works of art appear on the sides of buildings and structures. Some of the most noteworthy work is located on North La Brea Avenue near Melrose Avenue where featured artists include Banksy, one of the world’s most noteworthy street artists. Some local favorites include the giant mural of Mt. Rushmore and the Pink Wall, both located in the Melrose area.

Berlin: Since the destruction of the Berlin Wall, artists from all over have taken to the streets of Berlin with their creative energy, most notably in the neighborhoods of Mitte, Kreuzberg, and Friedrichshain. Officially titled the “City of Design,” street art can be seen on nearly every corner, including any style or design one can imagine.

Sao Paulo: With a historic reputation for street art, Sao Paulo features an eclectic array throughout the city. The hip neighborhood of Vila Madalena is known for its variety of street art, including the famous Beco do Batman, or “Batman Alley”, an area covered with an ever-changing display of artwork.

London: Though both famous and local street artists have added their own flair to the streets of the city, London has one of the largest collections of un-commissioned street art in the world. The east end of the city is home to much of the city’s street art, but works can be found throughout town, including some infamous propaganda style posters and Banksy pieces.

In a city filled with allies, street artists are welcome to create art throughout the city of Melbourne. With a more specific, structured style, much of the street art in Melbourne includes stencils, murals, wheatpastes, and poster art. The greater community of Melbourne encourages the street art movement as it falls into the city’s design and celebrates its unique culture.

 The Best Cities for Street Art

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