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Did you know the term ‘yacht’ comes from the Dutch word ‘jacht’ which means ‘hunt’? The Dutch Navy used these light and fast ships to chase or hunt pirates. Now yachting conjures up images of a life of leisure rather than pirate chasing. It’s the epitome of fun in the sun. If you’d like to yacht, consider one of these four spots for your next experience.

The Exumas
Travelers will appreciate the gorgeous coastlines, the crystal-clear waters, and natural beauty of the Exumas located about 35 miles southeast of Nassau. The Exumas, a chain of 365 Bahamian islands and cays, have been the backdrop of two James Bond movies and the Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. This is also home to the famous “swimming pigs”. How these animals came to live here remains a mystery. Some believe a group of sailors left them on Pig Beach in hopes of returning to the uninhabited island while another theory suggests the animals swam to shore from a shipwreck. What we do know about these creatures is they love to swim to boats for treats and selfies.

If Southeast Asia has your heart, consider sailing in the waters off the east coast of Phuket. Travelers can enjoy emerald waters, pristine beaches, lovely fishing villages, and nightlife. You’ll fall in love with the Thai people, their culture and traditions, and their gracious hospitality. In addition, experience some of the world’s best snorkeling and scuba diving near the Phi Phi Islands.

Looking for a luxury Mediterranean experience? Then, a Sardinia sailing is a perfect choice. Visit chic and sophisticated ports as well as beautiful uninhabited islands. Good winds and short passages makes this an ideal sailing option.

Sailing in the South Pacific is a dream come true with its splendid tropical scenery. Scuba diving and snorkeling are the main attractions. Dining at the world-famous Bora-Bora Yacht Club and the Bloody Mary restaurant will be highlights. On Tahaa, make a visit to the sea turtle preserve, shop for artisan crafts, and of course stock up on vanilla since 80% of all French Polynesian vanilla is produced on the island.

A yachting trip is an experience to remember. Sail for a few days or a 10-day trip. Your FROSCH Travel Consultant can hire a crew complete with a private chef for the ultimate experience. The options are endless!

There's No Hunting for the Sun in These Top Yacht Spots

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