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About 100 Airbus planes in American’s fleet will soon be equipped with high-speed Internet capabilities through California-based provider Viasat Inc. Viasat’s Wi-Fi systems send signals that go from the plane to satellites and back to the plane – much faster than the older Wi-Fi systems that require signals to travel from the plane to the ground and back to the plane. This newer, faster type of Wi-Fi technology is currently gaining more market share with airline carriers.

Viasat presently operates Wi-Fi systems on 757 aircraft of various airline companies, with plans for an additional activation on 954 aircraft under contracts. With the addition of the 100 Airbus planes that will receive the high-speed Wi-Fi service, AA will have 200 domestic narrow-body aircraft in service that have either Viasat or Gogo 2Ku Wi-Fi.

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Viasat to Equip 100 AA Aircraft with High-Speed Internet

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