chorripan chef by Paul Keller, on Flickr

Visit El Tigre.  Buenos Aires’ traffic, noise, and general bustling hubbub is well-documented. If you want to leave the city life behind for an afternoon, take the short train ride to El Tigre, a river town about thirty minutes away. Step onto a river bus and you’ll find yourself in a subtropical jungle where forested islands dot the murky river waters. There’s also a casino, an amusement park, and an outdoor market nearby.Pay homage to the dead. If you’ve been known to choose a visit of Père Lachaise cemetery over a tour of the Louvre, then you’ll appreciate the labrynthine pathways of tombs and mausoleums at Cemeterio de la Recolta. It’s located in one of Buenos Aires’ ritziest areas. Don’t miss the frequently visited spot– the monument of Argentina’s beloved Evita.

Try offal. The steak is world-famous, of course, but how is the offal? Incredible, apparently; it’s considered a delicacy among Argentina’s top chefs. You might be familiar with chorizo, but have you heard of morcilla (aka black pudding), riñon (liver), or molleja (sweetbread)? The words just roll off the tongue– hopefully yours appreciates the novel tastes and textures. For anyone whose stomach is less than iron, a blindfold– or at least a plan B for dinnner– might be an essential take-along.