All your selfie practice is about to pay off, thanks to ItsEasy, a company that provides passport and visa services. The company has launched an iOS app that not only allows you to skip the trip to the closest drugstore or post office to get your photo taken, but you can take as many pictures of yourself as you want until you have a photo of yourself that you’ll be willing to use for the next 10 years.

There are official guidelines for passport photos that you still need to follow including no glasses, facing forward, and you must be standing in front of a white background. Users can either snap a selfie with their iPhone or preferably have someone else take the photo. Once the photo is taken, a few clicks allow you to submit through the app. If you have already placed an order for a new passport, passport renewal or a country–specific visa through ItsEasy, the photo will be added to the order. If you just need the pictures, ItsEasy can deliver them as quickly as the next day, as long as you pay the standard shipping cost of $5.95.

The app is free to download, but passport services range in price. The app also gives you the option to just order the set of appropriately sized portraits, and not the actual passport. ItsEasy really does live up to its name as it’s really quite easy to use, especially if you need a passport in a hurry. So long to the days of being stuck with a horrible passport photo — now you’re in charge!

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