Best Cities for Foodies

Seattle, Washington
The iconic Pike Place Market is a must-stop for visitors coming to Seattle, as the market has long been the heart of Seattle’s vibrant food scene. Foodies can enjoy a feast of bakeries, cafes, intimate bistros, casual and fine dining restaurants, and take-out counters serving quick bites. Locals have increasingly been going to Pioneer Square for their gourmet cravings – like fresh oysters and the specialty market at London Plane, which offers warm biscuits, croissants, and Caffe Umbria coffee in the morning and a wine bar in the evening. Of course no trip to Seattle would be complete without at least one serving of fresh clam chowder, something you’ll find plenty of throughout this seaside city.

San Diego, California
This sunny city gifted our nation the delicious fish taco, but it’s also ranked highly for brunch. You can find cafés that offer breakfast pot pie and morning-friendly beers, as well as restaurants that specialize in fried chicken and doughnuts for breakfast. Visitors to the city should also stop by the North Park and Little Italy neighborhoods, which are gaining an new buzz thanks to famous chefs opening up restaurants in these areas.

New Orleans, Louisiana
New Orleans has the unique ability to offer it’s visitors both fine dining and more fast fare. To fully appreciate the city’s most noteworthy sandwich, the po’boy, try a roast beef and shrimp on French bread or a glazed pork belly po’boy. New Orleans also hosts a wide range of festivals throughout the year, so all you foodies out there may want to plan your next trip during the Creole Tomato Festival or the Crescent City Blues and BBQ Festival, both of which take place annually.

Chicago, Illinois
Of course the first thing that comes to your foodie-mind when you think of Chicago is probably the legendary deep dish pizza, scattered at noteworthy restaurants throughout the city; but the windy city is also known for its chef-driven delights, some of which offer Southern-meets-Mexican fare, like buttermilk fried chicken with chorizo-verde gravy. You won’t have to worry too much about your calorie in-take with all these mouthwatering meals, because the city will give you plenty of time to walk it off, as its ranked one of the most walkable cities!

Houston, Texas
Houston was recently highly rated for offering an irresistible combination of refined and downhome comfort food — in particular, burgers, brunch, and specialty food shops. Foodies heading to Houston should stop at Revival Market, where local gourmands stock up on artisanal cheese, charcuterie, and house-made pickles and jams. The city is also breaking free of American-style convention, you’ll be able to find Korean-style fried chicken with spicy sauces, paired with blackberry chili margaritas.