Thumbnail - Croatia Opens Underwater Winery

Not that we needed another reason to visit Croatia with its beautiful beaches, fantastic national parks, and amazing food, but adding the world’s first underwater winery to the list certainly doesn’t hurt. Located off the Peljesac Peninsula, the Edivo Vina Winery is placing its wine in underwater clay jugs (called amphorae) at the bottom of Mali Ston Bay. The winery is open to visitors on guided scuba diving tours, where you can also check out the sunken boat that is used as an underwater wine cellar. According to the winery’s owners, the process of storing the wine under the Adriatic Sea gives it a pinewood aroma while preserving the quality of the vintage. The wine is stored underwater for 1-2 years and then brought up covered in shells, algae, and other small creatures.

Croatia Opens Underwater Winery