Thumbnail - Hurtigurten New Hybrid Expedition Ship

Hurtigruten’s next innovative hybrid expedition ship, MS Roald Amundsen, is scheduled to set sail next summer. For Hurtigruten, innovation is all about honoring the brand’s Norwegian explorer heritage and moving the industry forward by developing technology and solutions that will benefit both their guests and the environment. The revolutionary new ship is developed and designed by Hurtigruten, in cooperation with Kleven Yards, Rolls Royce Marine and Norwegian yacht designer Espen øino.

Powering an advanced 450-foot expedition ship with several hundred guests on board and through some of the world’s most pristine waters is no easy feat. Hurtigruten firmly believes the future is electric and emission free. The line is setting aside room to expand battery racks as technology evolves. A huge bonus of switching to battery power would mean all engine noise would be removed, allowing guests to view incredible natural habitats completely uninterrupted. Guests on board will know they’re on the world’s greenest, safest, and most advanced cruise ship in the world.

The hybrid engine solution alone is estimated to reduce Hurtigruten’s emissions by at least 20% compared to other ships of the same size, and that number will increase as battery power continues to evolve. In addition to the hybrid solutions, MS Roald Amundsen will feature the most energy efficient hotel operation ever on a ship, taking the cruising industry the first giant step towards Hurtigruten’s ultimate goal: a total emission free cruise ship.

On board the MS Roald Amundsen, passengers will be able to explore extensive indoor and outdoor explorer decks with spectacular views. The core of the experience will be an immersive high-tech activity center and the handpicked Expedition Team. Hurtigruten’s ships are moving the industry forward, and the MS Roald Amundsen will be a perfect match to the fast-growing global demand for sustainable adventure travel. Hurtigruten truly believes that if guests care about sustainability, the industry should too.

Hurtigurten New Hybrid Expedition Ship