Blog Thumbnail - Air France – KLM Retools Frequent Flyer Program

Air France & KLM recently released details on its new Flying Blue program, which will now be based on Euros spent, and will allow members to redeem award tickets “until the last seat available for sale.” Flying Blue members will also have the option to pay cash for up to 25% of an award ticket’s value.

Ivory members will accrue four miles per Euro; Silver members will get six per Euro; Gold will accumulate seven miles; and Platinum members will receive the highest yield at eight miles per Euro spent. Miles can also be accrued from purchasing additional services such as a la carte dining, additional baggage allowances, or preferred seating.

Another major change is how members move up through the program. Experience Points (XP) will now determine status, with 100 XP required for Silver, 180 XP for Gold, and 300 XP for Platinum in a 12-month period. For Silver, Gold, and Platinum members, any additional XP accrued beyond that necessary to keep their current status, will be carried over to the following year. XP will be determined by a combination of flight length and cabin class booked.

The Flying Blue program will launch on April 1, 2018.

 Air France – KLM Retools Frequent Flyer Program