Blog Thumbnail - Malaysia to Double Airport Capacity by 2040

Is a visit to the Petronas Towers in your travel plans? If so, expect to see an increase of passengers on your flight to Kuala Lumpur in the next few years. In the next two decades, 2.1 billion more passengers are expected to travel through the Asia Pacific countries, and Malaysia wants to be ready. The idea is to double the capacity of the Kuala Lumpur airport which will increase the airport’s capacity to 150 million passengers. Studies of expansion and optimization are already underway since the airport’s main terminal is projected to reach capacity within the next two years. Singapore and Bangkok airports are increasing airport expansion as well to welcome the increase of travelers.

In addition to expansion plans, the Kuala Lumpur airport wants to improve its rank in Airport Service Quality. The airport fell to 12th place in 2017 after placing 9th the year before. The focus is to improve the service at the airport in pursuit of moving back into the top ten for 2018.

With these airport updates and a focus on service improvements, the Kuala Lumpur Airport will be better able to serve travelers flying in and out of the airport.

Malaysia to Double Airport Capacity by 2040