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Where is the Dollar Strongest this Year?
March 24, 2016

Great news for American travelers looking to travel abroad, banks have been reporting that the dollar is the strongest it’s been…

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Cuba Travel Update
March 23, 2016

Cuba, as a destination, continues to be a hot topic, and the source of many important questions.  In an effort to…

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Priority Board for Families on United Airlines
March 22, 2016

United Airlines is bringing the past to the future of flying! After recently bringing back free snacks for Economy class passengers,…

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Tips for Traveling With Your Dog
March 21, 2016

Dogs are said to be a man’s best friend, but they’re not always the best match for those of us who…

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Around the World in 360 Degrees
March 18, 2016

YouTube user, Alex Chacon, takes us on an incredible three year journey across the world, which he documents in this video…

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Congress Takes Flight: Airline Industry Measures Being Considered
March 17, 2016

The 114th Congress is considering several measures that would impact the airline industry if signed into law. From e–cigarettes to the…

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5 of the Best St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations Worth Traveling For
March 16, 2016

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is all about Irish pride and heritage. There are many different parties and celebrations planned around the…

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App of the Month: ItsEasy
March 15, 2016

All your selfie practice is about to pay off, thanks to ItsEasy, a company that provides passport and visa services. The…

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