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In: Technology

Receive Emergency Alerts, Even Without Wi-Fi
June 14, 2017

As smart phones become an everyday essential for the world’s citizens, IBM has invented a way to weave the devices into…

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BA & KLM Facial Recognition In Airports
May 22, 2017

It may seem crazy, but boarding passes might soon become a thing of the past. Airlines around the world are experimenting…

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Overview of Wearable Tech in Travel
May 3, 2017

With the adoption of wearable technology slowly on the rise, it is now poised to invade the travel industry from a…

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3 Great Apps For Going Green On The Road
April 18, 2017

Name an interest and chances are there’s an app for it, so why not for sustainability? With today’s smartphone technology, you…

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Amsterdam Airport Shoe Scanner
March 27, 2017

Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam is once again breaking away from the pack when it comes to innovative security screening measures. Just…

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Cosmopolitan Introducing Robot Concierge
March 1, 2017

Las Vegas has a new concierge ready to help travelers make the most from their time in “Sin City.” Last month,…

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A new Visit Orlando app, powered by Watson
February 7, 2017

In an effort to connect with the next generation of travelers, Visit Orlando has partnered with WayBlazer Artificial Intelligence and IBM’s…

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Circa: The Perfect Time Zone Tracker for Travelers
January 18, 2017

Circa is a beautiful and simple time zone tracker that lets you check what time it is where you are and…

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