Virtual Events by FROSCH

The future is now, and FROSCH Global Conferences & Events is fully equipped and prepared to offer client’s virtual event solutions and business opportunities.


Many organizations use their annual conferences to finance their sales goals for the year. A FROSCH client recently shared that their annual customer conferences create over 50% of their annual pipeline.

How are you planning to recoup that loss?

The planning and execution of virtual events on a major scale takes serious strategy and planning.  

With the current shift from live events to virtual, clients need a powerful partnership to assist with guiding and organizing the various logistics necessary for a successful event. With the right production/event partner and technology team behind you to connect remote attendees with the live experience, success is the only option. FROSCH has got you covered.

Paramount to any event, we curate unique digital experiences tailored to meet meeting and financial objectives, messaging, and brand guidelines and exceed your expectations. Partnering with your internal team, content managers, and speakers, we supply the knowledge, logistical and technological planning and oversite to ensure you achieve all your program objectives. Our team of experts provides innovative consultation and production services to deliver the ultimate virtual attendee experience.

  • Webinars

    Primarily designed as a webcast for attendees to hear and view information being presented by a single speaker or team of people. Typically, attendees can watch and engage in Q&A or polling. This option allows content to be shared while also offering interactive elements with real time discussion. Ideal for a smaller-sized audience of up to 200 people. Often, webinars are made available on demand.

  • Livestream

    Typically designed to take a live event and turn it into a live broadcast. Features include well-produced segments with speakers and panelists, as well as the use of visual elements such as, specialized video content and professionally designed graphics. Added production elements may include intro bumpers, speaker slides, lower third name plates, live Q&A, just to name a few. It can be 100% live, 100% pre-recorded, or a mix of both.

  • Full-Scale Virtual Events

    This option transforms live events into virtual experiences by using the same elements as a livestream, plus high-levels of production and technology. Customizable platforms are available to design and simulate spaces, such as general session auditoriums, exhibit halls, lobbies, and more, allowing the attendees to be immersed in a virtual event world. Incorporating interactive elements such as networking breaks, receptions, exhibitor appointments, and event apps, provide attendees the opportunity to participate, just as they would in person.

  • Hybrid Events

    The best of both worlds! Hybrid events allow attendees the option to travel to an in-person event or participate virtually with all sizes of attendees. These events are often planned to provide flexibility and engage a wider audience and will remain a permanent part of live events when they return.

One size does NOT fit all.

One of the most common problems with virtual events is not anticipating the size of the audience. There’s nothing worse than 1,000 people wanting to participate and only having the capacity for 250.

Whether it’s 50, 500 or 5000+ people, our team has the expertise and a variety of “best in class” technology platforms to support your virtual and hybrid programs. One size does not fit all, and GC&E provides critical guidance in selecting the right platform for each event’s unique requirements.

As a true partner should be, we are ‘platform agnostic.’ 

We can assist with programs built on your current platform or help you select the best platform for event needs. 

Our extended team of specialized experts knows how to evaluate, recommend & execute on the most important elements of virtual meetings. Starting with the technology, our coordinated team evaluates your technology requirements, participates in platform selections, preproduction, and technical onboarding of clients and speakers. Together, we address issues like bandwidth platform testing, timing, session transitions, and contingency plans in advance of events.


    Not sure where to start with virtual meetings and hybrid events?

    Check out our white paper, which will guide you with an introduction to industry lingo, what to look out for, and tips for making the most out of your virtual event.