Why your Travel Advisor is more important than ever.

As the travel industry is no longer hampered by border closings, flight cancellations and government curfews and other directives, there will be a lot for travelers to consider for their next trip. No longer will winging it on the web suffice and enlisting skills, connections, and expert knowledge of a Travel Advisor will be almost imperative. Why?

Absolutely avoid wait times.

When travel begins to restart, thousands will be calling major airlines and hotel companies to rebook using their future credits, creating wait times in the hours, not minutes. Thanks to FROSCH’s strong industry relationships, we have a direct line to these companies to ensure your future travel credits are utilized in a timely fashion and your business never skips a beat.

Ensure the best price.

Your FROSCH Travel Advisor will offer you competitive, transparent pricing options, with savings and added value that simply cannot be found on an internet site. FROSCH uses direct links to each airline’s inventory to secure the best fare the day you book and continues to monitor your reservation using automated systems to take advantage of price fluctuations. If a lower fare becomes available, you’ll get it. No questions asked.

No stress planning or traveling, since we take care of the details.

From selecting your preferred seat on the plane or confirming late check-out at your hotel to sorting out any remaining travel restrictions, we will take care of the nitty gritty before your flight even leaves the ground. All you’ll have to worry about is maximizing your business opportunities!

Have peace of mind with your partner in travel.

Most importantly, travel is evolving. Our job throughout the entire travel process is to exceed your expectations, while keeping your health and safety a priority. Whether that’s communicating a delayed flight to your ground transfer or calling the airline to get you rebooked in an emergency, we’re here for you. As your partner in travel, your “travel agent” is here to fulfill the role of advocate, consultant, and trusted Travel Advisor.