7 Reasons to Visit Monaco


A trip to the French Riviera is always a good idea, right? And what better time to plan this vacation now that France’s borders are open to vaccinated American travelers?

If you’re looking for something a little different in the area, why not get to know Monaco? With Monaco following the same guidelines as France, vaccinated travelers are now welcome.

We know what you’re thinking. People only go to Monaco for the casino. You’ll be surprised to learn there’s more to this tiny country beyond the gambling. Keep reading to find seven reasons you’ll want to explore Monaco on your next European trip.

A Wow Moment

Ditch the car transfer from Nice airport and get to your hotel in style by taking a helicopter. The seven-minute ride is not only faster but also more thrilling. Keep your camera ready for amazing photo ops.

Dining Delights

Whether you’re looking for trendy or traditional, you won’t be disappointed with the food options here. Choose from farm to table experiences, quaint cafes, or MICHELIN starred restaurants.

You can even dine in three different countries in a single day. Eat breakfast in Monaco, lunch in Italy, and dinner in France.

As the second smallest country in the world next to Vatican City, seeing three countries in a single day is easily doable.

It only takes 45 minutes to walk across the whole country, a wonderful way to spend your time after a big meal.

quaint street in Monaco VillageLively Events & Festivals

With its cosmopolitan atmosphere, Monaco offers travelers endless entertainment. From the famous Grand Prix to the Yacht Show to concerts at the Prince’s Palace, you’ll find an event to suit your taste.

Those special events require advanced planning though, so reach out to your FROSCH Travel Advisor to discuss these VIP experiences. You won’t find them with a simple online search.

At the time of this writing, nightclubs are not open in Monaco, but we all know that can change in a New York minute!

Monaco The RockVisit the Rock

Visit the Rock to see the Prince’s Palace and stroll the medieval streets. Time your visit to be in front of the Place du Palais at 11:55 AM to watch the changing of the guards. The Cathedral and beautiful gardens will take your breath away. Kids will especially enjoy the Oceanographic Museum.

Monaco Monte Carlo CasinoCasino Square

Of course, a trip to Monaco isn’t complete without a visit to the world famous Monte Carlo Casino. Even if you don’t gamble, the casino is still worth a visit. Stroll the square for proper people watching and fabulous car spotting.

Made in Monaco

Shoppers will delight in all the superb choices, particularly the locally made goods. For craft beer, pop into Brasserie de Monaco for a pint.

Take home delicious chocolate (and tea) from Chocolaterie de Monaco, which has been producing delectable chocolates since 1920. Spruce up your home with the exquisite tableware and décor from Manufacture De Monaco.

L’Orangerie will impress even the most discerning beverage connoisseurs. Made at the La Distillerie de Monaco, this liqueur uses local bitter oranges, similar to the orange trees you’ll see lining the charming streets.

Monaco Yachts at NightSustainability

Monaco is at the forefront of sustainable solutions thanks to its sovereign prince, Prince Albert II. The country leads the way in innovative measures to combat climate change and conserve natural resources. The country has one of the greenest urban centers in Europe. You’ll see an emphasis on organic food, rooftop gardens, and electric public transportation.

Are you ready for a trip to Monaco? Reach out to your FROSCH Travel Advisor today!

Health & Safety

As with any trip you take this summer, health and safety are paramount. COVID-19 protocols have been put in place to ensure the health and safety of residents and travelers. Restrictions on travelers continue to change. Check this website to see the latest information.

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