Energy Travel

Online, offline, and throughout the world, FROSCH offers solutions for 100% of your Energy, Marine & Offshore Travel needs.

For over 40 years, FROSCH has brought a wealth of experience to the Energy, Shipping, & Maritime sectors, servicing both business and crew travelers through our dedicated agent teams.

Managing a successful travel program requires a cohesive and fully integrated travel management strategy. Our travel programs provide a clear picture of global spend, significant cost-savings, and around-the-clock support for all travelers – all complimented by a suite of leading safety and security products.

From small businesses to multi-national corporations, we further leverage the expertise of our travel consultants in the energy, maritime and shipping industries, and cutting-edge technology to shape the perfect travel management program for your business.


FROSCH understands the challenges of managing a single global travel program for both corporate staff and crew. We recognize the importance of providing clients a consolidated team to handle both Corporate Travel and Crew Rotations – a servicing model that is unique among TMCs.


With many highly experienced agents, you know  your travel needs are  handled seamlessly by a single team. Our travel consultants average 17 years of experience working directly with rig managers, crew members, and business travelers, respectively, to deliver efficient travel services. They are experts at managing complex crew rotations and creating intricate global itineraries.


Within the energy sector, travel plans can change dramatically at short notice. FROSCH employs a dedicated in-house After-Hours service for our energy clientele, to ensure travelers are serviced by an experienced consultant in the most efficient manner. We firmly believe outsourcing after-hours support is simply not a viable option for complex international travel; therefore, our responsive travel teams are staffed in-house 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure a seamless service offering to our clients.


FROSCH provides a full suite of tools and resources to safeguard travelers. As a first level of support, we provide daily travel alerts to inform travelers of safety and security risks throughout the world. This alert system is complimented by our proprietary traveler-tracking tool, PinPoint. Our emergency travel team takes a proactive approach in the event of an incident, following a rigorous set of business continuity and crisis management processes and instantaneously producing detailed traveler location reports.


With an emphasis on quality and value, we address the needs of travelers while providing maximum savings. Our size, resources, experience, and industry position enable us to take advantage of strong supplier relationships that result in significant cost savings for our clients. With over 100 in-house marine & offshore airline contracts, our agents are able to create seamless itineraries, while securing the competitive pricing necessary for a successful travel program.


FROSCH’s reporting department plays a crucial role in ensuring optimal savings for your travel program. All travel – regardless of location or division – is consolidated, providing you and your account manager a clear picture of travel trends and overall spend. Reporting is available through a convenient online dashboard and is updated in real-time.