Ship Review

Crystal Endeavor

by Deborah Deming


With over 100 ships sailed and counting, Deborah Deming is a true luxury cruise expert.

Last month she was invited to board the groundbreaking Crystal Endeavor for a two-night cruise to experience the innovations of this latest ship to enter the expedition cruising market.

She shares her review below.

Deborah Deming Crystal Endeavor

Crystal Endeavor Exterior

Ship Overview

Crystal hit it out of the ballpark with the Endeavor. I believe she is currently the most beautiful expedition ship, reminiscent of Crystal’s Elegant river ships, offering all the amenities we adore, including Umi Uma, the Asian Restaurant, Prego for Italian specialties, and the much-loved Vintage Room.

Like other expedition ships, the Endeavor offers cozy enclosed spaces; however, I found the light-filled public rooms the most striking. I appreciated having these airy spaces. The floor-to-ceiling windows give you the impression that the ship is bigger than it is.

Crystal Endeavor Palm Court

The suites are generous in size, very comfortable, and well designed. Each suite features high-tech amenities and a private verandah to admire the picturesque views. Crystal’s famed butlers look after every guest and bend over backward to please. The Endeavor is a true Crystal ship with all the features we have come to love.

Crystal Endeavor Suite

Expedition Experiences

The well-designed mudrooms on the lower decks will enable guests to experience speedy disembarkation in the Zodiacs to go and explore. It was exciting to see the submarine in action. We cannot wait for the helicopter to arrive.

I loved being able to experience a ride on the Endeavor’s Zodiacs. They are by far the nicest Zodiacs I have encountered in my years of expedition cruising. They took us to a cute island near Bimini, where we could snorkel with the rays and nurse sharks. We also had an opportunity to kayak, giving us the perfect little taste of the expedition experience.

The Expedition Team

Let me not forget the amazing Expedition Team. With Crystal, you have access to incredibly knowledgeable guides who share their insight with guests daily when traveling to some of the most remote places in the world. This enhanced education and instruction adds to the overall experience of the expedition.

Final Thoughts and Tips

  • You need to know what you are signing up for when choosing an expedition cruise. Clients should work with their travel advisor to truly understand the scope of the Endeavor. With the right information, this product is suitable for all ages.
  • The Endeavor is the only polar ship to date that offers cultural expeditions as well as adventure expeditions. This variety is appealing to many travelers.
  • A lot of new luxury expedition ships are coming into service. The Crystal Endeavor is a small and elegant luxury vessel that travels further off the beaten path compared to other ships.
  • The Endeavor has an extraordinary crew-to-passenger ratio of 209 crew to 200 passengers. As a result, this vessel is hard to beat in the expanding expedition market.

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