7 Eco-Friendly Travel Experiences


Concerns about over-tourism continue as travel companies and tourism boards look for innovative ways to combat the problem. If you worry about the havoc that travel brings upon a destination, it doesn’t mean you need to stay home. Consider some of these ideas to travel more sustainably each time you go on vacation.

Eat Vegan

You might be surprised to learn that veganism reduces your carbon footprint more than air travel. Some lament that it’s difficult to eat vegan on the road, but it’s no longer a fringe idea. Finding vegan-friendly restaurants and menus is easier than you think. Additionally, restaurants have found creative ways to conserve resources and help our planet. At SUMMIT, the rooftop at Conrad Washington D.C., your food is cooked in solar ovens. Chef Josh Murray even has plans to introduce a zero-waste kitchen soon!

Forage for Food

Instead of dining out every night, why not forage for your food! Tours and classes continue to pop up. Learn to identify wild plants, berries, and vegetables to prepare a delicious feast. Learn to make sodas from wild plants, delicious berries, and mushrooms – but not the psychedelic kind! Isn’t it time you embraced the wild gastronomy trend?

Ride Bicycles

On your next trip, use people-powered transportation to explore the destination. Whether you rent your own set of wheels or take an organized tour, you’ll enjoy seeing the sites in this new way. You’ll even get in some exercise to boot!

Pack for a Purpose

Travelers often want to give back to the communities they visit, and the assistance and kindness are greatly appreciated in areas where resources are limited. Keep in mind that not all donations are helpful gifts to every community. You might think you are helping by bringing supplies, but these items can be a burden if the community has no use for them. Before your next vacation, research before you go and find the most needed supplies for that destination. Pack for a Purpose, a nonprofit organization, shows travelers the greatest needs in places around the world. If you would like to pack for a purpose, check out their website to learn more!

Go Car-Free in the Gorge

The next time you plan a day trip from Portland, try the Columbia Gorge Express. Hop on the shuttle to visit Multnomah Falls, Cascade Locks, and Hood River. Sit back and enjoy the scenery while someone else does the driving. With fewer cars on the road, you’ll be doing your part to reduce carbon emissions. It’s the car-free, stress-free way to travel!

Get Wild in Scotland

At the forefront of responsible tourism for two decades, Scotland continues to develop innovative initiatives to protect its precious natural resources. At the Alladale Wilderness Reserve, you can see ‘The Wild Side of the Highlands’ and admire the benefits of the conservation efforts of the Scots. Marvel at the picturesque 23,000-acre area filled with magical rivers, dramatic rolling hills, and native wildlife.

Understand the Why in Bhutan

With a visit to Bhutan, travelers will delight in visiting the world’s only carbon-negative country. With forest protection written in Bhutan’s constitution, sustainability is a way of life. The government tightly regulates the numbers of inbound travelers each year by setting a daily package rate. With fewer visitors, the Bhutanese welcome travelers with open arms and showcase their culture and traditions. Bhutan is the model for sustainable tourism.

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