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abruzzo, italy

Interested in a hidden Italian gem? Look no further than Abruzzo for charming villages, idyllic beaches, scenic mountains, active pursuits, regional cuisine, and high-quality wines. Abruzzo has it all – minus the crowds.


Stroll Enchanting Medieval Towns

If the crowds in Sienna and San Gimignano have gotten you down, you’ll adore the charming small towns in the Abruzzi region. Admire the watchtower dating back to the 10th century in Rocca Calascio, the highest fort in Italy. As you explore the small towns of the region, you’ll marvel that these villages have remained intact since the Middle Ages. Visiting Prezza during the Malmozetto medieval festival in August is a treat as visitors witness century-old traditions passed down for generations. 

Ski with an ocean view

With the Apennine ski slopes to the west and the azure waters of the Adriatic Sea to the east, it is possible to ski in the morning and hit the beach in the afternoon in Abruzzo. The Passolanciano-Majelletta ski resort rises 6,500 feet above sea level and offers fantastic runs for skiers. Head down the slopes and get peeks of the sea for a unique ski experience. 


Hike the Great Outdoors

Unbelievable natural beauty awaits the adventurous traveler in Abruzzo. The region boasts the largest natural areas in Europe. Enjoy dreamy mountain views and hikes to charming villages on perfect-weather summer days. Visit one of the gorgeous lakes for swimming, canoeing, or rafting. Delight in the natural reserves with crystal-clear waters for a dip in the natural springs. 

Uncover the Secrets of Italian Cooking

Like many locations in Italy, you will find culinary courses throughout Abruzzo. The dishes vary depending on where you are, with seafood dishes served near the coast and mutton, pork and legumes appearing on inland menus. Pasta making has a long history in Abruzzo, with many locales producing it for over 200 years. A highlight of your trip will be a culinary course to learn to make the perfect pasta. Imagine how elevated your dinner parties will be when you get home! 


Taste Delectable Italian Confetti

Less than two hours from Rome lies the fairy-tale town of Sulmona, where you will find rich traditions and a beautiful culture. Sulmona is also known as the capital of confetti, sugar-coated almonds. These tasty delights come in innovative flavors like limoncello, tiramisu, ricotta, and pear, to name a few. You will see intricate bouquets of confetti that are almost too pretty to eat. Visit the museum to see memorabilia and artifacts related to this old-fashioned Italian confection. 

Explore the Trabocchi Coast

Stretching from Ortona to Vasto, you will find the most beautiful beaches, shallow waters, and superb views. The coast is named after trabocchi, ancient fishing nets. Countless beaches dot the coast to suit all types of travelers. Find lively beaches with music and sports or secluded spots with laid back vibes. Active travelers can cycle on the 27-mile bicycle path created from an abandoned railway line. This coast easily rivals its better-known counterpart, the Amalfi Coast. 


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