Have You Met Our Friends, GC&E?

Meet FROSCH’s In-House Global Conferences & Events Division


Though 2020 may have thrown some wrenches into the mix, FROSCH’s internal Global Conferences & Events (“GC&E”) division remained ready and willing to assist companies looking to connect with their customers, fellow employees, and business partners.

Have You Met Our Friends, GC&E?

Did you know that FROSCH has an entire in-house division devoted to planning meetings, events, conferences, incentive trips, and more?

Meeting and Event spend is often a large portion of a company’s Travel and Expense budget (with nearly 40%+ of companies with $1M or more annual meeting and event budgets – pre-COVID).

In combination with your corporate travel management program, the GC&E team brings extensive expertise surrounding budget, deal negotiations, logistics, and more surrounding all your corporate meetings, events, and conferences.

Whatever level of support is needed for an event or conference, FROSCH’s GC&E team remains ready to assist.

So, whether you need a small portion of an event handled by the FROSCH team (i.e., Food and Beverage, Room Blocks, Activities and Entertainment, etc.) or the production of an entire program from start to finish, FROSCH GC&E can support your a la carte event and meeting needs.

In today’s current climate, it is more important than ever to employ partnerships that are grounded in transparency and shared objectives.

The goal of FROSCH GC&E has always been to be your trusted partner for any planning requirements.

The GC&E Team has spent the past year creating experiences and events that honor current restrictions with creative solutions. They’ve also been helping clients plan future events and incentive programs with different, but optimistic perspectives.

Virtual Events

Shifting from LIVE events to virtual events provides a viable solution for the current events that make it logistically impossible due to travel and COVID restrictions. Facing the serious impact of conference cancellations, customers have been reaching out for creative solutions to offset the potential revenue loss, while still providing viable and engaging virtual experiences. See our recent blog post on VIRTUAL EVENTS.

Hybrid Events

Hybrid Events are a great option for companies looking to jump back into the in-person event space, while still offering virtual and at-home opportunities for those that are unable to attend. A Hybrid Event blends, both, the LIVE in-person experience with a remote, virtual conference.

Planning hybrid events, and executing them flawlessly, takes some serious strategy.

Planning a Hybrid Event may sound easy… but think again! Planning these events, and executing them flawlessly, takes some serious strategy – as it is basically planning two events! Luckily, the team at GC&E employs a best-in-class platform to support these types of programs. See our recent blog post on HYBRID EVENTS.

Future Programs

With the pandemic still ongoing, what does the future of planning and evaluating future events look like? The GC&E team has been working with FROSCH’s partners to ensure flexible pricing and cancellation policies, as well as options for possible postponements. For events that will go on as planned, GC&E is looking to ensure that physical distancing guidelines are respected, check on any needed vaccination requirements, provide sanitization options, and more. The health and safety of attendees are of utmost importance. So, what’s on the horizon for the world of events?

Bubble Events?

If you binge-watched or caught up on all your favorite Reality TV and Sports shows during the pandemic, you are no stranger to the “Bubble Event” concept. Watching the NBA host the entire NBA Finals Tournament at the Walt Disney World Resort – with no fans or guests allowed into the hotel floors of the players or the games. The Bachelor or The Bachelorette handing out roses at resorts completely booked and locked down just for them – with no outside additional hotel-stay guests. A small gathering of just your employees at a remote resort or hotel, with a whole floor dedicated just for them. Venues to consider include Dude Ranches, Spa and Wellness Retreats, Desert Getaways, Cabins in the Mountains, and more.

These are just a few examples of Bubble Events and what the future may hold for meetings and events. Companies are looking for intimate locations “off-the-grid” where they can be alone, as a team, in a controlled environment. This allows companies and employees to ease back into the world of events, with little-to-no outside factors.

Reimaging Incentive Travel?

Incentive trips are one of the best (and most common ways) that companies recognize and reward company high achievers. However, keeping teams motivated has proven to be challenging throughout the pandemic. That’s why FROSCH GC&E has introduced an alternative travel incentive solution for companies.

If you are not ready to have a LIVE incentive program yet, think of offering a pre-planned incentive trip. GC&E’s new service offers a variety of exceptional, curated packages for employees to choose from. Packages have predetermined price points, enabling companies to budget and accurately forecast ROI. It’s flexible, with no minimum group size, and up to three years to travel.

Motivate your employees with the ultimate choice of WHAT, WHERE, & WHEN.

FROSCH GC&E provides you with a powerful partnership for all your planning needs – regardless of your chosen event format. They provide a solid infrastructure, long-term vendor relationships, and leading technology. With unparalleled customer service and attention to detail, they offer a suite of services to clients worldwide.

The GC&E team is 100% committed to delivering seamless logistical support and an exceptional attendee experience. They are energetic, creative, and professionally trained with extensive industry expertise. Their goal is to provide on target results and continually “Deliver the Unexpected” to our clients.

Whether it is an intimate meeting room for ten people, a conference room full of executives and industry suppliers, a full-scale entertainment festival, customized over-the-top travel incentive trips to reward your high-achievers, a virtual conference from the comfort of your home computer, or a hybrid-mix of in-person and virtual – GC&E is your go-to source for all your conferences, events, and meeting needs.


  • Corporate Employee Special Events
  • High-Level Customer Events
  • Product Launches
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Celebrity Events
  • Give Back Events
  • Fundraisers
  • Amenity Research
  • Brand Support
  • Structural Design
  • Digital Media and Web Solutions
  • Scriptwriting and Copywriting
  • Direct Mail


  • Conferences
  • Incentive and Motivational Reward Programs
  • User and Developer Conferences
  • Sales Meetings
  • Tradeshows
  • Symposiums
  • CME & Pharma Meetings
  • Roadshows
  • Virtual Meetings
  • Hybrid Meetings


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